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For colleges and universities the possible ways to use Zeboba are nearly endless. Broadcast class lectures and campus speakers both internally and externally... Conduct a live interview with admissions office personnel as part of an open house... Connect with alumni worldwide via on-campus speakers and events... Deliver live broadcasts of athletic games and coaches' media interactions.

For online education organizations, Zeboba can be used to broadcast live lectures and have students ask questions in real-time. In addition, by using Watershed all of the live broadcasts can be recorded for future viewing as well. And don't forget about Zeboba for admissions open houses and alumni events.

For organizations focused on training and teaching, Zeboba can be used to deliver seminars, demonstrations, and customer support in real-time. Audiences can ask questions via text and instructors can adjust their broadcast in response to audience feedback.

Personal Events

For online personals organizations, Zeboba is ideal for enabling members to communicate live with each other in a safe and easy manner. Audiences can chat (via text) in real-time with the broadcaster while protecting their privacy. Beyond just still photos, Zeboba provides broadcasters with the ability to communicate their personalities and respond directly to questions and conversations from other members watching their broadcast.